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Web pages to help with family mission growth

Global Xpress Kids Club
Kids can join a Mailbox Club and get regular packets of material which help them learn of missions around the world and how children around the world live. They provide an Xpress Sunday School program to teach missions in churches as well as produce an Xpress Lil Engine Magazine which monthly takes kids to various countries learning about the culture and people and about what God is doing there.

Wonder Zone

NTM Kidstuff Read missionary stories and play the games that go with them. You'll discover it's fun -- and easy -- to be part of God's plan to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

SIM Kids An interactive site where kids can play games, learn about missions in various countries, write kids in other countries, and read stories.

Wycliffe Kids Web
An interactive web site where kids learn of mission work going on in the world, learn of other cultures, and play games.

One Hen
A website that teaches kids about microfinance and how it is used around the world to assist in alleviating poverty. Interactive games and stories along with ways children can make a difference internationally.

Books on the Kingdom of God

The Upside Down Kingdom
This revised and updated version of the classic, originally published in 1978, is an intriguing study of the kingdom of God in the Gospels. Reflecting the latest insights from recent New Testament scholarship, it demonstrates the sociological perspective's creative ability to uncover new meaning in old biblical texts. Kraybill says social, religious and economic practices of the dominant culture usually favor the rich, powerful, prestigious. Jesus, on the other hand, favors those who suffer at society's margins and fall between the cracks.
Kraybill, D. B. (1978).

The Kingdom manifesto: Calling the church to live under God's reign
Snyder, H. A. (1985).

The magnificent obsession
Swartz, D. (1990).

Jesus Mean and Wild
Many Christians are used to the idea of a meek and mild Jesus, the stereotypical "nice guy." Countering these all too prevalent notions, Mark Galli offers a unique study of seventeen troubling passages from the Gospel of Mark to prove we should be anything but comfortable with Christ. Highlighting the undeniable fact of an untamable and often militant Messiah, Galli gives readers a training manual in spiritual growth to awaken sleeping believers and transform them into devoted disciples. Hinging on the compelling nature of the love of God, he explains how this mean and wild Jesus shows us truer love than our pleasant construct ever could. Striking and bold, always rooted in Scripture, Jesus Mean and Wild will put readers on the road to true discipleship.
Author: Galli, M. (2006).

Rediscovering the Kingdom
From the very beginning God's plan for His creation was centered on our being in relationship with Him. It was never God's plan to establish a religion. This is "the book" for "the hour" in which we live and will take us back to the beginning of all things where we will discover God's original intention for humankind.
Author: Myles Monroe

Books on Poverty

A Framework for Understanding Poverty
Fourth Revised Edition. People in poverty face challenges virtually unknown to those in middle class or wealth--challenges from both obvious and hidden sources. The reality of being poor brings out a survival mentality, and turns attention away from opportunities taken for granted by everyone else. If you work with people from poverty, some understanding of how different their world is from yours will be invaluable. Whether you're an educator--or a social, health, or legal services professional--this breakthrough book gives you practical, real-world support and guidance to improve your effectiveness in working with people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Since 1995 A Framework for Understanding Poverty has guided hundreds of thousands of educators and other professionals through the pitfalls and barriers faced by all classes, especially the poor. Carefully researched and packed with charts, tables, and questionnaires, Framework not only documents the facts of poverty, it provides practical yet compassionate strategies for addressing its impact on people's lives.
Author: Ruby K. Payne

Poverty in America: A Handbook
In a remarkably concise, readable, and accessible format, John Iceland provides a comprehensive picture of poverty in America, He shows how poverty is measured and understood and how it has changed over time, as well as how public policies have grappled with poverty as a political issue and an economic reality. This edition has been updated and includes a new preface.
Author: John Iceland

Cry of the Urban Poor: Reaching the Slums of Today's Megacities
Viv Grigg is known around the globe as a prophetic voice calling Christians to follow Christ into the squatter areas of the developing world—where few churches exist. In this revised edition of Cry of the Urban Poor, Grigg uses updated statistics and information to describe the economic and spiritual needs of the world’s poorest city slums.
Author: Viv Grigg

Working with the Poor: New Insights and Learnings from Development Practitioners
Here development practitioners from around the world struggle to overcome the Western assumption that the physical and spiritual realms are separate and distinct from one another in answering the question how do Christian practitioners express holistic transformational development authentically?
Bryant Myers, editor

Companion to the Poor: Christ in the urban slums.
A challenge to reexamine our strategies and design new approaches that will build Christ’s Kingdom among the poor, who comprise half the world.
Author: Viv Grigg

Books on Mission Vision and reaching unreached people groups

God’s heart for the nations
God’s Heart for the Nations rips apart old understandings of God’s plan and purpose for our lives. In eight lessons, author and global activist Jeff Lewis probes for the heart and mind of God as he combines powerful Bible passages with challenging and provocative questions. Each lesson is followed by a time of meditation and a focus on an unreached people group. If you really knew the heart and mind of God, would you dare to follow Him?
Author: Jeff Lewis

Operation World
The updated version of this remarkable prayer encyclopedia tells what God has been doing in numerous countries. Factual and very detailed, Operation World is also inspiring in its coverage of the powerful reality of God’s Spirit at work around the world.
Author: Patrick Johnstone & Jason Mandryk

Serving as Senders

The title says it all! A missionary needs care in at least six areas: Moral Support, Logistics Support, Financial Support, Prayer Support, Communication Support, and Reentry Support. This book gives scores of practical ideas on how a team can provide the necessary care for a missionary. Chapter One tells “when” and “why” a missionary needs care. Chapters Two through Seven deal with each of the six areas of care. Chapter Eight brings it back to the individual’s involvement in care-giving.
Author: Neal Pirolo

Books on Mission for Families

52 ways to teach Missions to kids
These crafts, games, and outreaches will help your students become more involved with your church’s missionaries while also helping your kids become missionaries in their own neighborhoods. Missions are not a matter of choice; they are an act of obedience to Christ. The missionaries of tomorrow are the 4-12 year old children of today. The 52 exciting activities in this book teach the concept and importance of missions to your children. It will also involve children in supporting missionaries through their prayers, interest, financial giving and service.
Author: Nancy S. Williamson

Families on Mission: Ideas for Teaching Your Preschooler to Love, Share, and care
Families on Mission is a book of fun family activity ideas that will help parents teach their preschoolers how to love, share, and care about others. Parents today must compete with many other influences that shape their preschool child’s life. That’s why it is important for parents to begin early to teach Christian values and beliefs to their child. Packed with creative ideas, this book will help parents discover ways to involve their preschoolers in ministry activities designed just for their small hands. These creative projects and activities, which are easy to do and require few resources, create family models for praying for others, helping others, and becoming active in the community.
Author: Angie Quantrell

The Mission-Minded Family: Releasing Your Family to God's Destiny
In a mission-minded family, there’s a God infused energy. There’s a focus on Gods worldwide purpose and there’s a passion for the lost. There’s a spiritual depth and hunger that reaches beyond the maintenance mode of cultural Christianity. A mission-minded family emphasizes leadership, calling and destiny. There’s a prevailing attitude of self-sacrifice and an emphasis on total submission to Gods will. There’s an unmistakable and contagious joy. Dunagan, who wrote The Mission-Minded Child, brings the same perspective to what it means to be a mission-minded family. This book includes suggested activities for families to participate in together as well as resources to help families develop the desire to be more missions-focused. She discusses the need for families to balance and prioritize their everyday lives and delves into what a family’s finances would look like if they were focused on missions. This practical book is the perfect companion to The Mission-Minded Child. Families who read and practice principles from this book will receive a rekindled closeness as they participate in ministry together.
Author: Ann Dunagan

Missions Moments 2: 52 Easy to Use Missional Messages & Activities for Today's Family
In Missions Moments 2, mother and children’s missions education expert provides parents with an easy-to-use teaching resource. A convenient tool to guide parents as they help their children develop a proper biblical worldview, parents will find 52 weeks of 5- minute missions messages paired with a 15-minute application activity for children. Each lesson is written in a simple style so that messages can be adapted children’s ages, maturity levels, etc. A Bible verse to memorize is also included for each week. There’s a challenging “Make It Home” section that provides ideas for how to incorporate the week’s message into the life of the whole family. Ideal for parents of elementary school-age children, Missions Moments 2 will bring families together around God’s call to be the light of the world.
Author: Mitzi Eaker


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