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Mission as Life was created to help families find creative ways to serve God. It helps to alter family culture to conform to the purposes of God for humankind.

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Mission as Life is a place:

To read about what kinds of creative things other families are doing to promote a God centered lifestyle in their home.

To find resources for educating themselves regarding missions in general. This includes materials especially geared for working with children. This includes links to other web pages and a Mission as Life store.

To discover mission agencies that strive to make short term trips more than a feel good experience but rather, a launching point for the development of life long service right where families currently live.

For churches to come to discover how they can help families develop lifestyles of service in not only missions but community life.

For mission agencies to come to learn how they can alter what they do to become more family friendly for volunteers, and how to promote a Mission as Life lifestyle with their volunteers.

To find Mission as Life events where you can discover Mission as Life speakers in your area, fundraisers, or Mission as Life conferences.

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Turn your family life into a spiritual adventure. Anchor Godly character in the lives of you and your children.
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